Leave Only Footprints

the movie


The Story

A best-selling author with writer's block enlists her brother, a retired park ranger, to help her finish a true-crime murder-mystery.     Who is killing the tourists visiting Yosemite, Death Valley, Crater Lake and some of the other most protected places in America?

Watch this 96-minute high-definition road trip to find out.

Shot on location on-the-fly and recorded with "wild" sound by a two-person crew, and using only a single computer-generated special effect, Leave Only Footprints is as real as real gets.   Mother Nature is showcased in all her unforgiving glory.

If a man is stalked in the forest and no one's around to hear him scream, he's still having a real bad day.

Hope you enjoy the show.

A rogue ranger.   A slippery slope.   Some accidents can't wait to happen.

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